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Hurricane Florence may have wrecked TriRiot HQ, but it will be back… that’s a  promise.

Flood damage.

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Who I am

My name is Lowell Gould and my triathlon friends call me LG.  One of the things I love to do is challenge myself mentally and physically through endurance sports like running, biking, swimming.  But why do so many people, like me, do this in a society that values rest, relaxation and the avoidance of pain and suffering? Triathletes go against the grain and push themselves because they know there’s something great to be gained from it.  To help myself and others  understand why we do what we do,  I produce these videos every now and then.

Thanks for stopping by.

You can read a little more about TriRiot in the About TriRiot link.

I don’t make money from this and, currently, there are no ads before the videos.  I do this because I love triathlon and I love making videos.  If you want to pay me, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and sign up for my email newsletter.   That’s the best form of payment you can give me.  Of course, I tell my employer differently! 🙂

Triathlon is who I am
The web show all about triathlon

12 thoughts on “TriRiot Home Page”

  1. Hey. Like the site. You look like you could use some sleep in that video. I know you’ve been staying up late!

    1. Yeah. Not much sleep and a cold to boot. That’s why my voice is so raspy. I could have waited a few days before filming that, but I was wide awake at 4am with nothing else to do.

      1. Hey LG, like the name! And the show. It was very entertaining and I look forward to more LG humor!

  2. LOVED the video !! Super idea to look at the “why” because you get some insight and some very funny personal stories. Planning on visiting to watch each week 🙂

  3. Great to see the creative juices flowing! Planning to share this with tri-athlete pals here in Texas!

  4. Hola Senor LG,

    A mi me gusta tu pelicula. Esta mira tu tienes mucho divertido con tu camara.

    Pero, en la pelicula tu correo no tiene gastos de envio? Por Que?

    Feliz mi amigo!

    Cuando tu voy un Triatholon en Mexico?

    Ride your bike our border,
    Swim the river,
    And Run like hell from the border patrol!
    YOU WIN!
    We do it everyday!

  5. Hey Lowell … this is Charles (Charles Roberts).
    I just wanted to send a personal message to thank you for the video you posted after I left my version of ‘My Story’.
    I am a very private person & tend to avoid the limelight, so I certainly wasn’t expecting, or seeking, that kind of response, but very much appreciate the recognition anyway. It has given me just the encouragement & motivation I needed for next year.
    You see, earlier this year (April), I was diagnosed with a form of auto-immune disease which resulted in my losing 90% of the use of both hands, a weight loss of some 21lbs (not a good look when you only had 275lbs to start with lol) & muscle entropy. Sucks to be me, huh?
    So, as with the M.E., another challenge to overcome. I think it is going to be an interesting journey to see how I can exercise, & train, for a couple of events next year.
    I will keep you u-dated on progress & other plans I have for 2018/2019. Watch this space !
    Anyway, thank you once again … my best wishes to you & your family for 2018.
    Kind regards

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