Russian Spies?

More comments.

The content of these comments ranges from mattresses to pornography: neither of which interest me. Some, however, are cryptic enough for me to think someone is passing secret codes. I’ve already posted about this before and I want to share the latest with you.

If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?

JoyceHew (probably not the real author)

This is probably a serious question. It seems so fitting to ask on a triathlon blog about the kind of food I would serve at my restaurant… if I owned one (note the tone of sarcasm here).

Perhaps I should reply and engage in some friendly teasing with this person (or bot). Have you seen James Veitch’s conversations with spammers?

James Veitch knows how to handle spammers

To be grammatically picky, it (the restaurant) would not serve any food. I or my staff would serve the food, so obviously this question was written by someone with hardly any command of the English language. (Looking back at some of my posts, that could be me!). Russian spies maybe?

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