About TriRiot

I make no promises or guarantees. Especially when it comes to performance. I simply offer my perspective and hope to gain a little bit of insight into why so many people put themselves through such harsh conditions… repeatedly.

  • Swim exit at White Lake
    Swim exit for the White Lake races.

What TriRiot Is

TriRiot is a web show that explores the transformative nature of triathlon and other endurance sports.    While most articles and videos discuss the HOW and WHAT of this sport, TriRiot dives into the WHY.  In particular, we focus on why so many people love endurance events.  I bring my own experiences to this, but more importantly I search out the opinions, stories, practices and philosophies of other athletes, spectators, volunteers, race officials, race directors and just about anyone who is willing to talk into the microphone.  TriRiot also includes tutorials, advice from experts, race reports and lots of help for beginners.

The primary audience of this web show is the age grouper (amateur) triathlete.

Each episode is a short video posted to YouTube.  This web site supports that show with pictures, links, discussions,  etc.

Who Is Behind TriRiot?

My name is Lowell Gould and my triathlon friends call me LG.  I’ve been training and racing in swim events, bike rallies, running races, duathlons, and triathlons since about 2006.  I found the sport in my early forties despite my father’s best efforts to get me involved in endurance sports when I was younger.  I am passionate about story telling through film and video so when I combined the love of film and the love of endurance sport, I came up with TriRiot.

So far, it’s just me with a little help from my wife and daughter.  I’m also depending on lots of help from my triathlon buddies.  They don’t know that yet…

Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you at the races.



Stay to the right. Pass on the left. And keep on smiling!

One thought on “About TriRiot”

  1. Hey Lowell, your mom gave me the info that led me to your website. It’s great! Lots of fun and very informative. I think we talked about something like this some time ago. Wonderful that you followed through and developed this. You make a terrific host. It’s somewhat like my son’s blog and website. Fireball Tim.com does with cars and sci-fi what you do with triathlon.
    Hope the new year brings great success to you and your family.
    Best regards, Tony

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