When you get out of the water, DON’T SLOW DOWN!
When you get off the bike, DON’T SLOW DOWN!

That’s my advice. 

I’m working on a video to show how and why I speed through transition when others use transition to take a breath and regroup.


Look for it early January.

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Fat Tires for Skinny Athletes


This has to be seen!  Ok. So it’s not THAT unusual. But check out those tires.  I stopped by Bike Cycles the other day to price a new pair of bike shoes.  Shawn (the owner) was so excited about these fat tire bikes.  Hopefully, I can get some video footage of people riding them on the beach.

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PPD Beach2Battleship

Finish line at PPD B2B
PPD Beach2Battleship finish line.

The PPD Beach2Battleship triathlon is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, event in Wilmington, NC.   I’m proud to be on the planning committee.  I’ve been involved with the race since its inception in 2008: either racing or volunteering.

Last night we had a committee meeting to review the 2014 race that was held October 25.   Sure, there were a few things that need improvement, but the overwhelming response from athlete comments was positive.  In my opinion, it’s a  true estimate of the committee’s dedication and abilities to produce a world class event.   The race directors are committed to creating the best athlete experience possible.

Motivation by Guilt?

Why is it that when I wake up at 4 am my first thought it’s too get on the trainer and ride for a little while before I have to go to the Y to swim?   I guess the real question is, why am I getting up at 4am when most of the normal world is still asleep?   I love mornings. Back to the first question…

I think it’s an obsession.  Healthy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Triathlon is certainly a lifestyle, but even enthusiasm has its limits.  Beyond enthusiasm is obsession?  Now there’s an interesting thought.   So I can just think of my obsession with training as super enthusiasm: enthusiasm on steroids.

My typical day goes something like this:

  1. wake up 4am
  2. ride the trainer
  3. swim if it’s monday
  4. everything else
  5. go to sleep

That’s my 5 step process.  Maybe I should be considering a 12 step process?


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A new day, a new site

I’ve decided to launch a new web site about triathlon. As if there aren’t enough out there already!

There is a lot of the HOW and WHAT of triathlon on the internet. But I want TriRiot to focus more on the WHY. I am fascinated by people who constantly put themselves through hellish training programs and compete in all day endurance events. These people call it fun? They’re twisted and sick!

I’m one of these people. So I guess TriRiot is a way for me to undersand myself as well. In the coming weeks and months, this site will provide:

  1. LG Remarks: Here is where I will post my perspective on the aspects of endurance and multisport events.  I’ll also talk about upcoming episodes of the TriRiot web show and things that really matter… or maybe don’t matter so much.   Basically, LG Remarks is a blog so it’s kind of like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.
  2. TriRiot the show: a weekly video show featuring thoughtful ruminations, athlete interviews, tips and tricks, and a bit of humor.
  3. Photos: photos from races and training or anything that might be interesting (probably some landscapes from race venues too).