I Swear It Will Get Posted

This has been one of those crazy weeks. ¬†I usually don’t complain or make excuses, but if I stuck to that trend, I’d have nothing to post today. ūüôā

Episode 12 of the TriRiot web show has been finished and ready for almost a week. ¬†Actually, it wasn’t completely ready until yesterday, because just before I was going to upload to YouTube, I saw a mistake that just had to be corrected.

Ok. ¬†Mistake corrected. ¬†Now what? ¬†Last night, I had planned to wake up at my usual 4am this morning and get online to do the uploading. ¬†You see, I can only transfer large files on my home internet connection between 12am and 5am. ¬†Otherwise all my allotted bandwidth will be eaten up for the month. ¬†Don’t ask me to explain. ¬†It’s satellite internet. ¬†They meter my usage. ¬†When I woke up, I had that feeling that something was not right. ¬†I overslept by two hours! ¬†I didn’t even hear my alarm which I usually don’t need. ¬†So on to plan B.

I left the house early and ¬†was on my way to the Brown Dog Coffee House to get on their internet and upload the video which is a 20 minute drive. ¬†(By most people’s standards, I live in BFE. ¬†I have a negative zip code number. ¬†Lewis and Clark were my realtors. ¬†Mail is delivered by mules) . ¬†I parked the car, but didn’t even get into the coffee house when I realized that I left my wallet at home. ¬† I couldn’t afford the 20 minutes it would take to turn on the computer, transfer the file, etc. ¬†I couldn’t be late for work today. ¬†So I drove home, got my wallet and went to work.

So there’s my excuse for not having the latest video posted. ¬† Next time I make an excuse for something, I’ll embellish it with alien abductions or CIA operatives. ¬†You know… just to make it more interesting.

New episode on its way

A new episode of TriRiot will be out soon. ¬†I finished remodeling the “studio” and I’ve got some video of me skipping out on a workout. ¬†THAT you don’t want to miss.

Aaaaaand… be sure to sign up for TriRiot email newsletters. ¬†I don’t like spam and I’m sure you don’t either, so I’ve made it really easy for you to opt out of the emails if you change your mind about receiving them (assuming you choose to opt¬†in,¬†which I hope you do). ¬†I’ll only send out an email when a new video is posted. You can sign up by entering your email in the form on the right side of this page or go to the sign up page ¬†right here.


TriRiot studio redesign

If you’ve watched any of the TriRiot videos, you’ve seen the bib wall.¬† That’s the background of the set.¬† I moved around a few things so I could have a
background with a little more variety.¬† I’ll still use the bib wall from time to time but I think this new set will have a more”active” feel.


The bib wall is made of some of my old race bibs pinned to a black cloth and stretched over some frame work in my attic.


The new set will have my bikes and other triathlon stuff in the background


I’m not quite done with the new set.¬† I still need to decorate the walls and add a few more items.

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Episode Delay

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a new TriRiot episode to YouTube. ¬†I’ve been busy with a couple of things to make the videos better. ¬†I feel a bit like Tiger Woods. ¬†Not the sex scandals! ¬†I’m talking long before that. ¬† Remember how he dropped out of site to improve his golf swing? ¬†He came back stronger and better. ¬†That’s what I’m doing, but only for a week or two. ¬†(Not my golf swing, my videos).

So here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on:

  1. Rearranging the TriRiot studio so I can have a desk and my triathlon equipment as part of the set. I like the bib wall, but I like variety too.
  2. Training and racing.  These are good times to get footage, of course.
  3. Designing TriRiot. ¬†I’ve changed the graphic headers on my web sites to give a consistent look and I added a cartoonish image of me.
  4. CartoonLG
  5. Social networking. ¬†Because the purpose of this website is to draw traffic to the videos, I’m learning A LOT about how to use the social networking tools to do just that.

So hang tight. ¬†I’ll be back with more videos and more blog content soon.


Progress on Episode #5

I got an early start on filming the fifth episode of TriRiot.  In fact, most of it is already in the can.  However, my editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro CC) has been crashing every time I try to edit this particular episode.  It works fine when I open and edit other projects.

Is this a forewarning?  Is my video editor telling me that episode 5 sucks?  Can it be that prescient?  Nah!  If the software knew that, it would tell me so instead of,

“Sorry an unrecoverable error has occurred. ¬†Adobe Premiere will attempt to save your work in its current state. ¬†If unable to do so, you’re screwed. ¬†Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for using Adobe Premiere. ¬†BTW: your video sucks and you’ll be lucky to get five views on YouTube.”

OK. ¬†So I added everything from “If unable…” to the end. ¬†But that’s how I feel when I see that error. ¬† ¬†I’m sure I will find a work around.


Filming Episode Three

Today I’m working on the third episode of TriRiot.  It’s been fun. Mostly.  I forgot to turn on the audio recorder for the best take all day.  Many thoughts went through my mind at that point.  In fact,I almost decided to use the video and dub the audio. I know professionals do that. They call it looping.  There are two problems with that decision: 1) I’m not a professional and 2) the result would be worse than an old Godzilla movie dubbed into English (due to my skill, not the process).  So I reshot the scene. It actually turned out better than I had hoped.  Of course, I had Lori’s help  without which I would have pulled out all my hair.  I don’t have much to begin with. 
Thank you, Lori. 

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Next Stop: Dolphin Dip

Think about the last time you went to the beach.

What was it like?  I bet it was warm, maybe even hot.  You stretched out on the warm sand and got lost in a good book or played in the surf.   Me too.

All that is changing tomorrow for a few hundred people in Surf City, NC. ¬†Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and what better way to celebrate the new year than to run into the 50 degree Atlantic Ocean. ¬†It’s all part of the annual Dolphin Dip Extravaganza.

It’s not a triathlon. ¬†It’s not even an endurance event. ¬†But episode 2 of TriRiot will be about this fun and wild event, because it holds the key to understanding why athletes push themselves to levels that most of us can only read about.

The participants at the Dolphin Dip are ordinary people like you and me.  Most are not athletes.  Many are not beach goers.  So what is it that causes them to leave the comfort zone and head straight for the thrill of a freezing cold plunge?

I plan to get plenty of good video for episode 2 and I hope you’ll join me next Monday when I post it to YouTube.

And yes, I will be getting wet. ¬†If you’re there, look for me. ¬†I’ll be wearing the tie… seriously.

January 1, 2015 11:00 AM

At the heart of the Dolphin Dip is my friend and fellow triathlete, Brian Moxey. ¬†Each year he makes it bigger and better. ¬† I can’t wait to see what entertainment Brian has put together for us this year.

First Episode Hits the Streets

First episode of TriRiot is here as promised on December 29th. ¬†Actually, it’s on YouTube, but you can watch it here too.

If you like it, let me know.  But more importantly, if you like it and think it could be better, let me know what you think.