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NEWPORT BEACH, CA – The Cal Tri Newport Dunes races are in the books. TriRiot was well represented with three athletes, three spectators, a dog and a cat. Also at the race were 1300 other athletes unrelated to TriRiot, but just as important to the overall event.

One of TriRiot’s goals for this race was to raise $300 for Habitat for Humanity.

That goal was met and exceeded by $120! That’s right. Four hundred and twenty dollars raised. “We were at $370 the night before the race and then a last minute donation of $50 came it.”, said LG to the TP 1) TriRiot Press .

Habitat for Humanity Logo

It’s so encouraging to know that there are people out there who care about supporting

a great cause like Habitat”

Donors’ names were carried through the race

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Ride along with me on a journey to triathlon greatness and together we will discover how a middle-of-the-road triathlete becomes an IRONMAN World Championship qualifier.  Along the way we will take many detours to explore the mysteries of triathlon.  You can follow me in The Athlete Guide (blog) or hang out in the The Announcer’s Booth and watch some videos. 

At the bottom of this page you can search the site, see a list of recent blog posts, and “complain” to the race director (that’s me).


  • Interview with The Voice of IRONMAN, Mike Reilly

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  1. Hello, just wondering if you (TriRiot) or ANYONE reading this plans to be in the 2021 Ironman? I live in the Fayetteville area, but I indeed PLAN to attend as a Spectator at the Ironman 2021 in Wilmington to CHEER You onward. Thanks

    1. Just raced GC 70.3 – will be at Wilmington in Oct to race that race as well.

      Great video of the course – look forward to the update for this year’s race – also hoping to qualify for Taupo! (my wallet hopes I don’t though xD) narrowly missed St George at GC – unless about 10 roll downs happen lol.

  2. Wooooooo! U rocked it! We miss you guys! Look forward to more episodes.

  3. LOVED the video !! Super idea to look at the “why” because you get some insight and some very funny personal stories. Planning on visiting to watch each week 🙂

      1. Hey LG, like the name! And the show. It was very entertaining and I look forward to more LG humor!

  4. Hey. Like the site. You look like you could use some sleep in that video. I know you’ve been staying up late!

    1. Yeah. Not much sleep and a cold to boot. That’s why my voice is so raspy. I could have waited a few days before filming that, but I was wide awake at 4am with nothing else to do.

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