Another Reason To Love Triathlon

Training and racing by myself provide a certain amount of satisfaction, but the social aspects are another reason to love triathlon. Last Saturday the Cape Fear Triathlon Club hosted its first race of the season. Our club captain, leader and all around great guy, Trent, put together a super sprint course. It was good to […]

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

The TriRiot 70.5 race was a huge success. All athletes had a good race and not a single spectator complained about not seeing their athlete. That’s the benefit of racing by yourself. I did, however, almost get a penalty for blocking (on the bike), but because I was the course marshal, I decided to let […]

Book Review – Triathlon Running Foundations

You won’t find too many reviews on this blog. I may have reviewed a movie or two, but that’s about it… until now. A Little (Self) Help Here… Please Most people don’t simply read how-to books because they are interesting. I don’t. People buy and read how-to books because they want to change some aspect […]

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