Beyond The Comfort Zone

DISCLAIMER There is little mention of triathlon in this post. In fact, it’s somewhat about breakfast and airline travel and authenticity. It’s not that breakfast is terribly exciting or noteworthy. The real purpose of this post is to share an experience I recently had which could inspire others to enjoy the richness of life beyond […]

The Big Unit

Sam Long’s nickname is “The Big Unit.” That’s a strange nickname. When I think of units I think of first grade math and storage rental facilities. “I just rented the big unit at Jimbo’s Self Storage” To be fair, Sam is six feet and four inches tall so “The Big” certainly fits. And, I suppose, […]

Quote of the Week

I just read something that belongs in the Department Of All Things Profound. “…the road to IRONMAN is paved with life.” Bryan Reece, Ironman Athlete and Blogger (among other things) I think I have found nothing truer about triathlon than that quote. I pulled it from Bryan Reece’s blog, Left. Right. Repeat. His story from […]

A Triathlete’s Nightmare

What would you do if the airline that delivered you to a race lost your gear bag days before an IRONMAN event? That could have devastating consequences on a race. Maybe a wetsuit was in the bag, along with bike shoes and running shoes. There are not many people who would run a marathon barefoot […]

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