2021 IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina Bike Course

The TriRiot 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina bike course video is in the works.

Lately I’ve been quite busy traveling back and forth between North Carolina and New Mexico. It’s tough being a road warrior, sitting in airports, sitting on airplanes, sleeping in hotels, eating airport food. Thankfully, I only travel every couple of weeks.

Anyway, I have every intention of updating the 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina bike course video. I rode the course a few weeks ago and not much has changed. For the most part, the course is the same in 2021 as it was two years ago. There are two major changes to note and that’s about it.

  1. At mile 11, you won’t have to move into the middle suicide lane. You didn’t have to do that in the 2019 race either, but the first video (below) says that’s how the course flows. The second video corrected that.
  2. In 2019 there was bridge construction at mile 17 that forced all cyclists into the left lane. The bridge has been completed and you won’t have to leave the comfort of the right lane this year.
IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina Bike Course. The surface of US421 is a bit more worn that it was previously
Road condition on US421 is a little worse than it was in 2019
IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina Bike Course. The US421 bridge has been fixed and will not cause a detour in the bike course
In 2019 this bridge was under construction. That’s no longer the case.

Previous Videos

Below are the videos I produced in 2019 and 2018.

2018 Swim Course Video

The swim course for 2021 will be the same as it was in previous years. This video explains a couple of good things to know about swimming in Banks Channel that might help you. At the time I made this video, Brian Bohrer was the race director as you’ll see when you watch. He’s since gone on to bigger and better things in the Ironverse and the new race director is Sami Winter.

Initial 2019 Bike Course Video

Initially, the bike course at mile 11 was going to use the middle turning lane of highway US421. That changed and is mentioned in the correction video below.

Correction on 2019 Course Video

Until next time…

Stay to the right, pass on the left and keep on smiling

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  1. LG,
    Thank you for all the great info on the IMNC courses. Very informative, and well done.
    I have a question – I keep reading, (and hearing from a couple folk I know who have done this race) that the bike course is actually closer to 58 miles. (I understand the “official” length is 56…has to add up to 70.3)

    But what is the actual length of the 2021 IMNC bike course?

    P.S. Any video, or tips on the run course? I’ve seen the bike and swim videos, but can’t find anything on the run course.
    Hope to see you on course in a couple of weeks!

    1. Hey David,
      Thanks for the questions.

      You hear correctly. It’s a little over 57 miles. I don’t know how IRONMAN defines 70.3. You would think that number would indicate the distance, but I think it’s really a brand… “IRONMAN 70.3”. So 56 miles is likely just an estimate or average of what the typical 70.3 race has. Of course, the original full bike course was based on the Around Oahu bike race which was something close to 112 miles, so half of that…
      I’d be interested to hear from WTC on that to see how they define it.

      I was going to do a run course video last year, but canceled when the race was canceled. I haven’t had time this year. Sorry ’bout that.

      I’ll be out of town on race day, but I wish you the best of luck.

      1. “70.3” is the trademarked, official name of the race. It is humorous to a point, when I’ve raced overseas and have overseas athletes ask me in a very puzzled tone “what is 70.3”, as it is on all the marketing merchandise, the medals, etc. (Also, is half the 140.6 original IM races).

        57+ miles. Thank you! very good to know as I’m estimating finishing times etc.

        Thanks again!

      2. P.S.
        My comment about overseas racers being confused about “70.3” only makes sense when you consider all overseas races are measured in kilometers. So, without some explanation of the 70.3 being US miles, they are understandably confused.

      3. That’s so true. I can understand the confusion. I’ve started training in kilometers because podcasts and articles are often in metric. So now when I read that I should hold a 4:45 pace, I don’t sprint for 100 and gasp for the rest of the day.

  2. These videos have helped so many Ironman 70.3 NC triathletes, and when the course was a full Ironman. Your passion for this race and triathlon in general shows through the hard work you have put into making these videos.

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