Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for helping me support Habitat for Humanity.

link to fundraising page

On August 12th I set a goal of raising $300 before the Cal Tri Newport Dunes Triathlon. As of right now, we have raised $370 and the race is five days away.

¡Fisto Bumpo! ¡Alto Cinco! Woo Hoo!

High five
Guillermo runs with LG on Front St. during IMNC

Shout Outs

I want to recognize a few names for their generous support these last couple of months.

On Behalf Of
LG's Donut Cravings
Deborah Gould
Patricia Clayton Diaz - Awesome Blog Subscriber
Hunter Gould
Horse Encounters
Dudley Diaz
Patricia Clayton Diaz
Joshua Gould
The Other LG
Larry Huynh

There’s Still Time

As of the date of this post, there’s still time to make a donation to Habitat. Actually, I suppose you can make a donation any time you darn well please. But here’s the thing: everyone who makes a donation through my fundraising page by October 30, 2021 6:00pm PST will get their name written somewhere on my hot triathlete bod for the race 1) Don’t get too excited. My bod is only hot because I’m wearing a hoodie in the house . I don’t care if you donate $1 or $50. I just love that you show your support for humanity.

This is probably my last post until after the race.

Until then…

Stay to the right, pass on the left and keep on smiling

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1. Don’t get too excited. My bod is only hot because I’m wearing a hoodie in the house

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