2021 IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina Bike Course

The TriRiot 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina bike course video is in the works. Lately I’ve been quite busy traveling back and forth between North Carolina and New Mexico. It’s tough being a road warrior, sitting in airports, sitting on airplanes, sleeping in hotels, eating airport food. Thankfully, I only travel every couple of weeks. […]


Who decides these things? How does the & get its own national day? Yesterday Lori & I were driving into Farmington for a swim workout. For a city of roughly 40 thousand residents, Farmington has some surprisingly good swimming facilities. The main pool at the Farmington Aquatic Center is 50 meters long & 25 yards […]

Fundraiser Update – Habitat For Humanity

The donations are rolling in. In a recent post, I mentioned my intent to raise money for the charity, Habitat For Humanity. The 2021 Cal Tri Newport Dunes triathlon has partnered with Habitat so when registering for the race, I set up a fundraising page. To date we’ve collected over $200. Everyone asks for money […]

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